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WELCOME – industrial and Retail roller shutter doors

Welcome to FRITZJSA GROUP. We are a leading manufacturer for industrial and retail roller doors and dock leveling systems in South Africa with a range of offers and services relating to the manufacture, supply, installation, and maintenance of corporate, commercial, retail, and solutions.

We are a BEE level 2 manufacturing company with HQ based in Alrode, Gauteng specializing in a range of industrial projects: from roller shutter doors and generators to dock levellers and corporate signage.

All materials used in manufacturing are sourced from local suppliers who are industry leaders, allowing us to ensure the quality of our offerings, while passing value on to our clients. Through these partnerships with quality material suppliers, as well as a dedicated and highly skilled team, we are able to manufacture solutions that are characterised as innovative solutions to a range of industry challenges.


We offer a broad spectrum of solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail shopping malls to businesses and brands across South Africa. Each of our offers is developed with our clients’ needs and challenges in mind and are suited to a range of different sectors.

These offers include specially manufactured roller shutter doors for homes, businesses, and warehouses that offer unmatched security, reliability, and peace of mind.

We also offer businesses, homes, and facilities with solutions for uninterrupted power supply with generators for different capacities and applications.

In addition to this, we offer a variety of specialised dock levellers, from free standing variants to mini-dock levellers, as well as hydraulic and air powered options.

Lastly, we also offer comprehensive and custom corporate signage services for a range of contexts and applications.

Keep reading below to find out more about our industrial and commercial roller doors, generators, dock levellers, and signage services.


We offer several specialised services for roller shutter doors that are as suited to homes, as they are to shops and warehouses.

We provide professional supply and installations for doors that are secure, reliable, and cost effective, as well as repairs and maintenance to ensure that they are kept in optimal condition, at less of a cost. Our maintenance services for roller shutter doors include regular inspections and necessary upkeep tasks to keep their structural integrity stronger for longer.

Roller Doors For Your Home

It is the latest trend to install roller shutter doors as garage doors or storage doors to keep them clean and secure.

Roller Doors For Business

Roller shutter doors at your business are more secure than standard doors and easy to maintain too, for small or large businesses.

Roller Doors For Warehouses

Many warehouses have roller shutter doors as they can be custom-made to suit your requirements and increase protection.


Reliable and economical generators are fast becoming a staple for businesses and homes in South Africa, and we provide the ideal, affordable solution. With a wealth of experience in manufacturing high-capacity generators for industrial and commercial use, we are also able to supply homes with solutions for uninterrupted power.

For Your Home

For Business

For Industrial Use


We provide specialised docking equipment with the latest in loading bay technology including hydraulic and air-powered dock levellers, free standing dock levellers, and mini dock levellers, all of which offer varying loading capacities depending on your needs.


We also offer quality corporate signage services to a broad base of clients with a variety of signage and advertising solutions that are built to attract and last.

We take a custom approach to signage services to meet particular needs, with solutions that include dimensional signage, moulded products, kiosks and counters, points of sale, architectural features, as well as illuminated and non-illuminated signs.


Everything manufactured by us at the FritzJSA Group is done so to the highest standards of quality. To ensure that everything we offer is up to your expectations, we conduct thorough and rigorous testing on everything we produce.

This ensures that our clients get the most out of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness when sourcing solutions from our team.

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If you would like to know more about our offers on industrial and commercial rollers and generators, be sure to get in contact with a representative from the FritzJSA Group today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our complete range of offers.

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