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Fritz J SA Group offers comprehensive roller shutter door maintenance for new and existing industrial, commercial, and domestic roller shutter doors.

Our roller shutter door maintenance contracts involve regular inspections and repair services to ensure your roller doors are always in excellent working condition.

With preventive roller shutter door maintenance, we can repair any defects before they become costly hazards.

Proper roller shutter door maintenance is essential for their longevity. As a leading roller shutter door supplier and installer, Fritz J SA Group offers guidelines for our clients to care for their roller shutter door. However, this does not replace the need for roller shutter door maintenance.

Cleaning as part of roller shutter door maintenance

Fritz J SA Group recommends the following cleaning method for aluminium roller shutter doors as part of ongoing roller shutter door maintenance:

  • Wash with a premium quality car detergent prepared with water according to the manufacturer’s directions. Use a soft cloth to clean the entire door, then dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Wipe down the slide guide channels and use a soft nylon bristle brush to get into the hard-to-reach spots.
  • Don’t clean the motor inside the shutter box but clean the box itself the same way as you washed to door.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners, scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, or washing powders.
  • Do not spray any lubricant into the roller shutter motor. If you’re having problems with the roller shutter motor, give Fritz J SA Group a call, and our team of qualified technicians will assist you.

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We can offer comprehensive roller shutter door maintenance, and if necessary, we will provide replacement parts and new rollers shutter door installations. Get in touch with Fritz J SA Group for a quote today.

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