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The Fritz J SA Group represents a leading team of dock leveller manufacturers in Alrode, allowing us to supply a range of specialised solutions to businesses and facilities across Johannesburg, that improve the efficiency and turnaround times of loading operations across several sectors and industries.

Our offers on dock levellers include hydraulic and air powered dock levellers, as well as free standing and mini variants, depending on the needs and capacities of your facility and its operations.


Our dock levellers are manufactured using the highest quality local materials, sourced from leading suppliers in the industry. This, alongside our attentive approach to manufacturing and a highly skilled and experienced team of experts, ensures that our clients get the best possible value and utility from our offers.

Dock Equipment

Take advantage of the docking equipment offered by Fritz J SA Group, the specialist in Loading Bay Technology. Increase productivity and turn-around time in your loading operation.

Dock Sealing Systems

The Fritz J SA Group offers an efficient solution to the cold storage chain and the inherent loading problems.

Hydraulic Dock Leveller

  • Loading Capacity 10 000kg’s.
  • Centre in line 2 cylinder with delayed lip action
  • Full free-floating system with rear deck tilt.

Air Powered Dock Leveller

  • Advanced low pressure – high volume lifting system.
  • Fully automatic push button control.
  • No compressed air required for lifting.

Free Standing Dock Leveller

  • Dock Leveller mounted into a steel standing structure.
  • Complete with legs and base plate.
  • ready to fix onto concrete floor.

Mini Dock Leveller

  • Loading Capacity 6000kg’s.
  • Designed for dedicated fleet at loading bay.
  • Simple, manual hydraulic pump action.


If you would like to know more about our team of dock leveller manufacturers in Alrode and the solutions we can provide you with, be sure to get in contact with a representative from the Fritz J SA Group today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for details on our complete range of offers.

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