If you have a semi-permanent structure, a warehouse roller shutter door can increase security.

A warehouse roller shutter door, also known as a security shutter or roller door, is a type of door made of horizontal steel or aluminium slats hinged together. The door is opened and closed by a spring or an electric-powered barrel that the slats roll around. Guides are traditionally installed on either side of the door to keep it in place as it rolls up or down.

Roller shutter doors are commonly used in industrial or commercial settings, but they can also be used in residential settings, including workshops and garages. While roller shutter doors can be operated manually, a warehouse roller shutter door is often powered by an electric motor.

A warehouse roller shutter door can be installed on both temporary and permanent structures. These are the benefits of fitting roller shutter doors on temporary structures.

Increased security

While warehouse roller shutter doors allow for easy access once opened, they also serve as a deterrent to thieves and criminals looking to force entry into your temporary premises. These shutters are strong, durable, and ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to your goods, machinery, and equipment.

Safety features

To help prevent accidents and injuries, many modern warehouse roller shutter doors include built-in anti-fallback safety brakes. They can also be equipped with useful safety features like safety edges, warning sirens, and coil casings to provide pedestrians and other users with even more protection. Furthermore, unlike wooden doors, steel shutters can help prevent fires from spreading both internally and externally, limiting damage and loss of life in the unlikely event of a fire.

Weather defense

Heat, wind, and rain can all cause significant damage to your stock, machinery, and equipment if not properly stored. A professional-installed high-quality warehouse roller shutter door protects these goods far better than standard access solutions and helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the temporary structure.

Simple to use

You can be confident that whether you choose manual or electric warehouse roller shutter doors for your temporary warehouse, they will be simple to operate. Both chain and power-operated solutions are quick, simple, and easy to use with regular maintenance. Furthermore, motorised roller shutter doors can frequently be controlled from a distance using a convenient remote control.


While warehouse roller shutter doors are more expensive than some other entrance and access solutions, they provide excellent value for money when properly maintained. They’re an excellent investment because they’re built to last for decades and can provide quick and easy access for both pedestrians and vehicles. Compared to traditional access solutions, roller shutter doors offer more protection and ease of use, making them an appealing option even for small businesses.

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