Roller shutter doors are popular for many businesses, warehouses, and industrial facilities due to their durability, security, and ease of use. If you’re considering installing roller shutter doors for your business, it’s essential to understand how they work and the various types available.

Benefits of roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors have several benefits making them popular for many businesses. One of the most significant advantages of these doors is their durability. Roller shutter doors are built to withstand harsh weather and are resistant to damage from impact or vandalism. This makes them ideal for businesses requiring secure, reliable access to their premises.

Another benefit of roller shutter doors is their security. These doors provide excellent protection against unauthorised access and are often fitted with locks and other security features to prevent break-ins. Additionally, the rolling mechanism of the doors means they can be easily opened and closed, making them a convenient option for businesses needing to provide quick and easy access to their premises.

How roller shutter doors work

Roller shutter doors consist of a series of slats connected to each other and roll up into a compact bundle when the door is opened. The slats are typically made from steel or aluminium and are bound by hinges, allowing them to roll up and down smoothly.

The doors are operated by a motor attached to a shaft running along the top of the door. The motor drives the shaft, which in turn drives the door’s movement. The door can be controlled using various methods, including a wall-mounted control panel or a remote control.

Different types of roller shutter doors

There are several types of roller shutter doors, each designed to meet specific requirements. However, the most common types of roller shutter doors are:

Manual roller shutter doors: These doors are operated by hand and are ideal for smaller businesses or premises where only occasional access is required.

Electric roller shutter doors: These are operated by an electric motor and are the most popular type of roller shutter door. They offer a convenient and reliable option for businesses requiring frequent access to their premises.

Fire-rated roller shutter doors: These doors are designed to provide fire protection and are commonly used in buildings where fire safety is a concern, such as warehouses or industrial facilities.

Insulated roller shutter doors: These are designed to provide insulation and are ideal for businesses requiring temperature control, such as food processing facilities or cold storage warehouses.

Perforated roller shutter doors: These doors are designed with small holes or perforations that allow airflow and ventilation. They are commonly used in car parks, shopping centres, and other public areas requiring ventilation.

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