Roller shutters are not limited to warehouses or retail stores. For example, armed robberies and burglaries are daily risks to South African homeowners, and security shutters installed indoor and outdoor offer effective barriers against crime.

Roller shutters outdoors

We’ve got gorgeous weather in South Africa and love to entertain on our patios. However, covered patios without barriers are clear weak points that could benefit from a high-quality roller shutter. For larger openings, roller shutters are ideally suited to increase your level of security while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Roller shutters indoors

Working from home has made everyone vulnerable, as robbers know people are focused on their work and likely have valuable work equipment. Fitting roller shutter doors in your home office means you can work securely in the knowledge that you are well-protected.

Benefits of roller shutters

In addition to increased security and little maintenance, roller shutters offer various other benefits.

Improved privacy

Keep your possessions from prying eyes with the privacy of roller shutters. Unlike curtains, the backlight won’t reveal inside details for nosy onlookers.

Better insulation

Roller shutters offer insulation during the winter, particularly on the patio. As a result, this leads to energy savings since you won’t need to add a heater. In addition, closing the shutters during warmer months prevents hot air from entering a room.

Easy functionality

Roller shutters are ideal for large doorways and can be easily rolled up completely, allowing you to move large items and create open spaces.

Aesthetic appeal

Roller shutters look good and offer an additional barrier combined with burglar bars.

Why choose Fritz SA Group

We assist in the meticulous planning for each customised roller shutter door. In addition, the effortless operation of our roller shutters may make it easy to forget they occasionally need care and attention. As a result, we offer maintenance and service contracts designed for your needs. These contracts identify the frequency of maintenance and the components that may need replacement at specific maintenance intervals.

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