Roller shutter doors can safeguard individuals and businesses against theft and vandalism. People are aware of the need to keep property safe and secure while the owner is away. In addition, most roller shutter doors also keep out the weather and are ideal for covering garages, businesses, schools, and warehouses, among other types of property.

Roller shutter doors can help farmers in rural areas protect their expensive farm equipment from theft. The cost of installing these doors is well outweighed by the savings gained by having extra security on your property.

Furthermore, installing roller shutter doors could result in much cheaper insurance premiums.

Roller shutter door operation

There are several kinds of roller shutter doors available, and they can be operated manually or electrically. This is one of the trendiest types of doors available, with a vertical opening and closing mechanism.

In addition, there is no requirement for an internal tracking device on your property. This means you’ll have significantly more storage space on your premises. The metal curtain roll itself comes in a range of sizes depending on the installation and is very easy to operate. For an electric roller shutter door, a remote-control system could be automated, whereas a pulley mechanism on one side of the door will be used for manual operation.

Because there is no projecting outer door, roller shutter doors are also widely used in domestic garages. This means you’ll have enough space on your driveway to park cars right up to the garage roller shutter doors if needed.

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We offer maintenance and service contracts on our roller shutter doors designed for your needs. These contracts identify the frequency of maintenance and the components that may need replacement at specific maintenance intervals.

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