Steel or aluminium roller shutter doors can be operated manually or automated for easy operation.

As outstanding security barriers, roller shutter doors can be fitted in various openings to protect any potential transgressions. Whether for a window, door, passage, stairway, or patio, roller shutter doors are a great defence option.

Roller shutter doors with solid slats block out wind, dust, rain, and sun. While they are commonly used in warehouses and factories, aluminium shutter doors are light and quiet – perfect for home installation.

Benefits of roller shutter doors for your home

Roller shutter doors are a strong barrier against intruders and can be custom-made to ensure they seamlessly fit in with your windows and doors. There’s no need for a track on the floor, which eliminates safety hazards like trippy. This is also aesthetically pleasing, as there is no cutting into the floor.

Thanks to the guide channels on the side of walls, roller shutter doors move up and down smoothly. These channels are unobtrusive and can be recessed into the wall for a super neat appearance. And when you don’t need them, shutter roller doors are hidden inside an overhead shutter box for an unobstructive view.

Ask before you buy

To ensure you get the best quality roller shutter door, ask these questions.

What are they made from?

Roller shutters doors are often made from steel for industrial applications. These doors are heavy and noisy. In addition to being lighter and quieter, aluminium roller shutter doors last longer because aluminium is corrosion resistant.

Can my doors be automated?

Generally, roller shutter doors can easily be automated. This is particularly convenient when you have large shutters fitted. Automation can also be integrated with your Smart Home setup. A manual override function will ensure that you won’t be stuck on the wrong side of the door in the event of power failure.

Is it strong?

You can rest assured that Fritz SA Group only supplies roller shutter doors of the highest quality, which provides you with excellent security.

Why choose roller shutters instead of other types of security gate?

Roller shutter doors are neat and secure. When closed, they help to control the internal climate since they block out wind, rain, dust, sun, heat and cold.

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