Proper maintenance of roller shutter doors is essential for their longevity. Aluminium roller shutter doors don’t rust and are low maintenance. However, often companies that install roller shutters require that you do some maintenance of your roller shutters in the warranties they provide.

Roller shutter door installers usually provide a guide on how to care and maintain your roller shutter door. Keep these cleaning instructions and a copy of the warranty secure for when you need them. Your product warranty may become void if you don’t regularly clean and maintain your roller shutter doors according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Routine maintenance of your roller shutter doors

Although roller shutter doors need far less maintenance than other forms of burglar proofing, they still need some care to keep them working well and looking good.

Corrosion from environmental and/or industrial airborne contaminants like acid rain, salt, fog, or mist can deteriorate the condition of your roller shutter doors if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning and lubrication your roller shutters prevent them from becoming stiff and difficult to slide inside the side guides.

Maintenance schedule

If your roller shutters are fitted inside your home, you can get away with cleaning and lubricating them less often, as they are relatively protected from the weather. Once every six months should be sufficient. However, if they are fitted outside or if they are installed in an area where industrial pollutants and corrosive elements affect them, you should take care to clean and maintain your roller shutter doors more frequently. Depending on how extreme the exposure is, you might want to do maintenance every two weeks in very severe environments to about every three months in moderate situations.

How to maintain your roller shutters

We recommend the following maintenance method for aluminium roller shutters:

Wash with a premium quality car wash liquid, mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s directions. Use a soft cloth to clean the entire door. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Don’t forget to wipe down the slide guide channels. Get into the hart-to-reach spots with a soft nylon bristle brush.

Don’t clean the motor inside the shutter box but clean the box itself the same way as you washed to door.

Never use abrasive cleaners, scouring agents, dishwashing liquids, or washing powders, as they could affect the expected longevity of your roller shutter doors.

Do not spray any lubricant into the roller shutter motor. If you’re experiencing problems with the roller shutter motor, give us a call and we’ll have a look at it.

Apply a lubricating spray to a clean cotton cloth and wipe all the roller shutter slats.

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