Because of their numerous benefits, including custom designs, various colour combinations, robust quality, and durability, roller shutters have become the first choice of businesses and shop owners. The most crucial reason residential and commercial property owners install roller shutters is to protect their property from theft and burglary. However, you should never neglect roller shutter door maintenance.

Why roller shutter door maintenance is necessary

Cleaning the roller shutter daily is necessary to protect it from dust and debris and to improve its functionality for an extended period without breakage. More importantly, regular cleaning extends the life of your roller shutter. To avoid malfunctions, clean your roller shutter with a soft cloth or sponge and, if necessary, warm water. However, if you do not clean the roller shutter daily, it may break, requiring you to close your shop for several hours until the repairer arrives.

Occasionally, faulty roller shutter doors may cause injuries. To avoid any mishaps or unexpected accidents, you must ensure roller shutter door maintenance is done regularly, especially if your employees use them frequently.

Because of the roller shutter‘s heavy use and continuous functionality, it begins to malfunction over time, which may also result in an unwanted mishap that costs you a lot of money. As a result, roller shutter door maintenance is crucial.

Roller shutter door maintenance can help prevent a range of serious problems.

A lack of maintenance can often result in your roller shutter door malfunctioning. The primary cause is heavy dirt on the internal mechanisms, which interferes with the roller shutter’s functionality. The shutters can become stuck during operations due to dust and debris accumulation. This could endanger the lives of your employees or children.

Overheating is caused by a lack of lubrication. When you don’t grease the roller shutter for an extended period, and it develops a problem or makes a strange noise while operating, it means it needs lubrication. To avoid hazards, lubricate your roller shutter once or twice a month to keep it running smoothly.

Poorly maintained shutters can cause damage or even injury. If ignored, the door’s productivity may decline, and it may become stuck or fall suddenly, posing health risks to you, your employees, visitors, and children.

Damaged shutters become an easy target for criminals or thieves. Burglars are constantly looking for businesses that use old roller shutters on their storefronts because they are easy to open or break for theft. As a result, fully functional shutters are an effective deterrent for your property.

Common roller shutter door problems

If you don’t conduct roller shutter door maintenance regularly, you may fall victim to some of the most common shutter issues.

Shutters only close halfway: You may notice that proximity sensor-based roller shutters do not always close properly. These problems arise because of dust and debris being stored in sensors, causing them to shut down halfway. To resolve this issue, you must ensure that all sensors are aligned and clean.

Overheating: Overheating is common in shutters that have been in operation for several months or years. Because of the heavy load from frequent opening and closing, your roller shutter begins to overheat. If this happens with your shutter, turn on the main switch immediately and leave your shutter until it cools down. If the problem persists, contact a professional roller shutter door mechanic.

Shutters are sticking: You may notice that roller shutters become sticky or jammed while operating and do not move quickly. This could be due to the need to lubricate your roller shutter’s main chain chamber. It’s vital to apply lubricant oil to the internal parts of your shutter to ensure that it runs smoothly and does not jam during operation. This will also help to reduce the roller shutter’s unwanted or unbearable noise.

Shutter condition: Your shutter’s overall condition can become a mess over time. This occurs in industrial areas where heavy lorries and trucks come inside or outside for raw material collection and sometimes accidentally hit your shutter. As a result, the roller shutter begins to accumulate dings, dents, and colour patches. Therefore, it’s critical to address damage as soon as it occurs.

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