Consumers are often concerned about the safety of roller shutters. Like any other physical barrier, they can be broken into. However, they offer significant protection against any threat you might face. Various types of construction and building materials can quickly be breached. This includes brick, plasterboards, steel cladding, shipping containers etc.

To break through roller shutters, several factors come into play, such as:

The substrate material around the roller shutters – wooden or steel frames, brickwork, concrete, etc.

The tools used to break in – screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, etc.

The duration of the attack.

With enough time and the right tools, any physical barrier can be broken through. Therefore, more layers in your security significantly reduce the risk. For example, there are four primary approaches to physical security.

First, there’s the deterring of intruders with visible security gates and roller shutters, electric fencing, burglar bars, higher walls, etc.

Then, there are detecting intruders through CCTV, for example. Next, it’s necessary to delay the attackers, generally through difficult to breach barriers. And finally, there’s the response to an attack by the police or security personnel.

These days, with emerging technologies like CCTV, feeds connected to smartphones and motion sensors, people tend to become complacent about the basics of home security. However, good physical security is the first step to an effective security solution for your home or business. The delay caused by a physical security barrier is crucial to ensure a timely response to apprehend any intruders. Detection simply informs you that there are intruders and what their intentions are.

As far as physical barriers go, roller shutters are some of the more complicated security systems to breach. Nevertheless, you must ensure your roller shutters are always in the best condition through regular service and maintenance. Any flaws or system failures of your roller shutters make you more vulnerable to attack.

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