Your safety and security are of the utmost importance. Therefore, protecting the contents of your home and garage is critical. Unfortunately, purchasing a garage door can be costly. However, roller shutter doors are a solid budget-friendly option that provides the necessary security among the types of garage doors available.

Roller shutter doors are made up of many individual 75 mm interlocking horizontal slats of aluminium or steel. They work by rolling these slats vertically up and down around a barrel. An electric motor or spring (or both, in some cases) guides either side of the curtain to keep it secure and in place.

Roller shutter doors are a popular choice for commercial, domestic, or industrial use because they can function as doors, windows, or other openings. Their main selling point? They seal and protect your property from the elements and deter intruders and vandalism.

The difference between a sectional garage door and a roller shutter door

The primary distinction between roller shutters and sectional garage doors is how they open and close and how the curtain is stored out of sight. Roller shutter curtains generally roll around the main shaft, whereas a sectional garage door’s opening mechanism slides the door along a guide rail path.

Both roller shutter doors and sectional garage doors have the advantage of opening vertically, providing safety and security, and fitting behind openings of any shape or size.

Why invest in a roller shutter door

Roller shutter doors provide numerous benefits, including increased value to your home or business and overall peace of mind.


Locked roller shutter doors can’t be opened from the outside, so they keep burglars out and protect against natural elements like extreme heat, fires, and corrosion. Roller shutter doors are ideal for high home, commercial, or industrial security levels due to their tough, durable material.

Simple to use

Because roller shutter doors are lightweight, they are simple to handle and operate. In addition, because there are no internal tracks, it is ideal for small spaces and driveways.

Automate for convenience

For your convenience, a roller shutter door can be motorised. You can make your life even easier with a simple remote button push.

High-quality components

Because of their excellent mechanisms, roller shutter doors have become one of the most popular garage door options and types in recent years.


A roller shutter door curtain is compact when fully opened due to its vertical operation. The door curtain typically takes up between 200 and 500 mm of space, depending on the height and type of curtain slat used.

Many customisable designs

Roller shutter doors are available in various materials, including aluminium and steel, and electric or manual options. Insulated aluminium is highly recommended because it is extremely protective. In addition, there are several slat options and opening methods to choose from.

The safest door

An intruder visiting your property will always inspect the type of garage door you’ve installed for potential weak points. To avoid break-ins, you need a dependable form of security. So how do you know if your garage door is safe?

An efficient garage door should be modern and well-maintained, with no visible gaps around the edges, weak locking systems, or weak points. A reputable supplier like Fritz SA Group can sell and install modern roller shutter doors that provide a high level of security. The design of our roller shutter door makes it a top choice for safety. Its small size and lack of visible leverage points on its aluminium curtain make it a formidable barrier to intruders and brute force.

Contact Fritz SA Group for more details

FritzJSA Group is a leading manufacturer of industrial, commercial, and domestic roller shutter doors. Our doors are made to order and available in various finishes. In addition, we install the exact type of roller shutter door you require so that it fits perfectly in your required space and aesthetics. For more information about our products and services, please contact us today.



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